How to start with Linux?

If you are a newbie then you should follow these basic suggestions: – For God’s sake don’t start off with Fedora or Arch, Fedora has almost empty repo and Arch is not good for beginners (both are amazing later) Start with Ubuntu, bad choice i know yet you got the hugest community to solve all … Read more

Must have essential Linux softwares

Although Ubuntu comes with many pre-installed softwares for everyday usage. 1. Rythmbox – for music2. Video – for video3. Thunderbird – for email4. Firefox – for browsing the internet5. Libra office – for working with excel, ppt and all6. Document viewer – to show pdf7. Ubuntu store – to download applications8. Text editor – for … Read more

Introduction to File Compression Tools in linux

There are many reasons why you would want to compress files and directories on a computer. Some of the more straightforward benefits are conserving disk space and using less bandwidth for network communication. Linux has a number of different compression tools available. They each make sacrifices in certain areas and each have their specific strengths. … Read more

tar file compression and decompression

Tar file compression and decompression Purpose: It is the GNU version of the tar archiving utility Usage: Main Operations are:   Description Creating an uncompressed tar archive using option cvf This is the basic command to create a tar archive. $ tar cvf archive_name.tar dirname/ In the above command: c – create a new archive … Read more