How to start with Linux?

If you are a newbie then you should follow these basic suggestions: –
  • For God’s sake don’t start off with Fedora or Arch, Fedora has almost empty repo and Arch is not good for beginners (both are amazing later)
  • Start with Ubuntu, bad choice i know yet you got the hugest community to solve all the evil problems you may have
  • Pick gnome as DE, for the same reason, huge community
  • Avoid Unix-like systems holy wars (spaces Vs tabs – Vim Vs Emacs – FSM Vs open source .. etc)
  • Learn command line, always use CLI and learn it even though it’s harder than GUI tools

Don’t use windows alongside with Linux because a legend once said :

  • Join the awesome groups in Telegram for support Linux and GNU/Linux
  • Learn to Google, good googling skills will make your life much easier
  • If you’re Sysadmin/developer don’t miss any opportunity to contribute in every open-source project which meet your skills.
  • Arm yourself with patience and stubbornness (and No, Linux does not have weird issues like “windoze” but it’s not gonna be that easy IMHO)

If anyone told you to execute this sudo rm -rf / tell him to get lost, this will delete everything on your machine, bad guys everywhere 🙂

Now repeat with me the IGNcius prayer

“GNU is the only one OS and Linux is one of its kernels” 

feel Stallman deep inside to bless your machine with non-proprietary products

Happy Linuxing !

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