Must have essential Linux softwares

Although Ubuntu comes with many pre-installed softwares for everyday usage.

1. Rythmbox – for music
2. Video – for video
3. Thunderbird – for email
4. Firefox – for browsing the internet
5. Libra office – for working with excel, ppt and all
6. Document viewer – to show pdf
7. Ubuntu store – to download applications
8. Text editor – for working with texts.

But there are also many alternatives and you can use these recommended softwares:


Unity Tweak tool is one of the first tools application consultants advise users to install immediately after installing a distro like Ubuntu because it provides users with the ability to configure their system the way they want via setting options that include desktop hot corners, icon sizes, theme and icon customization, workspace number and colors, etc.

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

Synaptic package manager

It will allow you to download packages and their dependencies by providing a graphical interface. I have already told you how to use and install synaptic.


Google Chrome Browser is arguably the best browser you can have. As a Google project, you can trust it to have features the best browsers offer including developer tools, web development standards, and support for the newest technologies.


If you want an alternative of Photoshop, then gimp is the best option for us.

VLC media player

VLC is the best cross-platform video media player you can use. It has a ton of features including extensive theming options, a clean and responsive UI, audio and video quality tweaks, multiple audio streams, online video streaming, etc. VLC media player can play virtually any audio and video format you throw at it.

Visual studio code

Visual Studio Code’s extremely helpful sidebar has all the Git commands you may need and even supports extensions that can help make the editor feel more at home while you run your push/pull requests. One of Visual Studio Code’s best features is its educational feature in which it explains how HTML tags (for example,) are used as it makes suggestions while you write.


It allows you to run window’s softwares on your linux platform.

Virtual box

It allows you to run multiple operating systems on your linux platform.

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