Strings – Introduction

Introduction: – Strings are called character array. i.e. sequence of characters. This is a class that is defined in java.lang package.  Always Remember it is not a data type. This is one of the most important topics from which questions are asked in interviews. Declaration of Strings: – String string_name = “put your content inside … Read more

Access Modifiers in java

There are 2 types of modifiers in java: Access modifiers Non-access modifiers In this post, we will learn about access modifiers. Access Modifier It defines the scope of the class and its elements. There are 4 types of access modifiers in java: Default private protected public 1. Default: When you do not specify type of … Read more

static and final keyword in java

Static keyword This is a non-access modifier in java which is mainly used for memory management. This keyword is applicable to 4  things: variable block methods Static entities belongs to class.  1. Static variable This is like a global variable. i.e. shareable to all. And it gets memory once when it is declared inside a … Read more

Variable constants and data types

What is DATA? Data is the representation of anything.  so it can be either constant or variables. So from the basic mathematical definition: Constant: Entity whose value can not be changed.Variable: Entity whose value can be changed. consider we have an equation:  (x-5)(x+5) = 0 then the value of x will be -5 and 5. … Read more