static and final keyword in java

Static keyword

This is a non-access modifier in java which is mainly used for memory management.
This keyword is applicable to 4  things:
  1. variable
  2. block
  3. methods

Static entities belongs to class.

 1. Static variable

This is like a global variable. i.e. shareable to all. And it gets memory once when it is declared inside a class.

2. Static block

The statements of the static block will be executed before the main method.

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3. Static methods

you can call static methods without creating objects because static belongs to class.

Final keyword

This is also a non-access modifier. This keyword is applicable to:
  1. variable
  2. class
  3. methods

To use final keyword final is used.

1. Final variable
when a variable is declared with the final keyword, its value can not be modified and it is initialized once.
2. Final class 
when you declare a class as final you can not inherit this class.
3. Final Method
when you declare a method as final, yu can not override that method.
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